We know that business development teams at humanitarian and international development agencies have a lot of different needs competing for top priority. We're here to help.

  • Expert Advising

    Access seasoned business development consultants who can help you get to know your highest priority funders and technical sectors inside and out.

  • Surge Support

    Our small team of proposal pros are vetted and tested, so no more second guessing if you have the right extra set of hands you need to get today's bid out the door.

  • Retainer Support

    Guaranteed retainer-based support ensures you have coverage during hiring lags or parental leave, with the flexibility to scale up support during busy periods.

A few of our friends

Magic happens when you build authentic relationships with other development professionals.

You learn from their experience to level up your own ambitions.

You're better able to make informed decisions about how to navigate competing priorities, hone your technical skills, or build soft skills.

You are connected to people who get where you are and what you're going through.

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