Feeling alone in your work?

The inherently competitive world of business development can make it tough to form authentic connections.

We created this community to give all of you—the impact driven, work-all-hours incredible international development professionals who are craving a way build authentic connections beyond a networking happy hour—a place to meet and learn from each other. Our members range from the top 10 USAID contractors to founder-run start-ups. Bid Boss is proud that our community includes teams writing their first business development strategy and landing their 1000th win.

Here in the Bid Boss Clubhouse, our goal is to help you:

  • Connect and build real relationships with your peers (with no awkward networking happy hours).

  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about how to navigate competing priorities, hone your technical skills, and build soft skills to become a business developmentboss.

  • Find answers to your burning questions, while you swap stories, experiences, and ideas to support your peers in achieving their goals.

Start building authentic connections today